I'm Shubham Sethi.

I'm an SEO Scientist

I do SEO that Actually works and when it works, it brings in more leads, more conversions, more sales. I’m not just saying it rather I Guarantee these results to all my clients.

I also run a Free Learning Platform which is packed with a lot of Valuable information on SEO & Marketing. Click here to check it out.

Shubham Sethi

How Exactly Your Business Will Benefit From My Expertise

Data-driven SEO

You won’t be hiring a Search Engine optimizer rather you will get an SES ( Search Engine scientist ) who’ve tortured data and made it confess what it takes to be at the top of SERPs. Your Business will get a roadmap for SERP Success.

Design & Develop

Understanding the essence of your brand & giving it such creative design and Developing platforms & systems accordingly which differentiate it from your competitors. Your Business will get an ecosystem where results are measurable

Paid & Social Channels

Less is the new more, having a presence on every social media platform is not necessary. What matters is to create an impact on the ones you are present on with the art of story-telling as a good story can move the mountains. 

How do I Guarantee Results?

I Can’t promise any specific Ranking Positions in the SERPs & if any so-called SEO expert does it, just make sure to maintain a good distance from those experts!

I will say it again loud & clear that No Real SEO can Promise a Specific Position in the SERPs BUT…

I can Guarantee & Promise you that your business will definitely benefit from my services & You will be 200% satisfied with the work. I am so confident about my work that I can Guarantee you a positive impact on Your Business

My Organic Growth Hacking Process

Shubham Sethi developed this process with Years of testing, reverse-engineering search engines & Torturing data.

Shubham Sethi's Growth Process

The Roadmap

I have helped multiple businesses and professionals to reach and exceed their targets. From day one my approach was to overdeliver to 1 client rather than underdeliver to 5 clients. I enjoy the process & you will enjoy the results.

① It is all about you!

The process starts with me learning more about you, your business, your industry, and your Goals. A customized plan is then built accordingly. I don’t have any preset Marketing or SEO packages & I am sure if you are reading this then you are not looking for such packages. This first step will require an investment of 10 minutes to an hour & this is where we are building the base for your business growth.

② Research Time

Following your initial discovery session, I begin in-depth research, Digital marketing changes dramatically from industry and region to region. For instance, Toronto SEO success is much harder to come by than Ottawa SEO success simply because there are more businesses competing for the same search terms/keywords. The Senior Strategist takes all of this into account. Using our proprietary software and industry leading third party tools they leverage the data to build a winning strategy for your business.

③ Strategizing & Costing

Planning & Strategizing time depends on the complexity of your business & goals. Once it is done, it is time to discuss it with you before it comes into action. I prefer to keep it transparent and to the point saving both our time. Now that we have the action plan, I can come up with the budget required to reach your business goals.

④ You just got an edge over your Competitors

After the first three steps, you are getting on board. Now all you need to do is have a look at the real-time growth reports that I will be providing on a regular basis. We need to keep changing our approach and action plans as the digital world changes. I’m always up for inputs from you and my job will be done only when I’ll have a positive review from you on this website.

Want to see how results look like?

This is what i get after such results!

Andrew Lyman
Andrew Lyman
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Being an SEO myself, everytime i used to pass on my crucial projects there was one big psychological issue that i had. I always used to look for SEO's with similar or better skillset and knowledge, somehow i met this guy . Whoever is reading this, let me tell you that. this is the guy you can rely on!
Joe Glenn
Joe Glenn
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I came to this guy with an immediate organic results approach & he rejected a very good offer. it took a lot of our time to first understand why i shouldn't have an immediate results approach & play the long term game if i want to sustain. If you are someone who wants temporary & immediate results, either be ready for a good SEO session or look for some other SEO guy!
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He's actually good with the social media game & when it comes to SEO, he is constantly educating us as well rather than just doing what he is paid for. With every monthly report comes a lot of learning and knowledge!

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